Over 60 years experience in jewelry business located on old town of Bangkok
Presented only premium quality of material
Manufacturer highly skill craftsmanship.

High Jewelry

Our high jewelry collection contain only the finest quality of rare gems and precious metal, be of distinctive design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture jewelry is designed with originality, exuding sophistication and luxury. It is created the most luxurious pieces of only the finest materials available.

Fashion Jewelry

Our fashion jewelry line are made with fine metals and fine gemstones. Its price range is reasonable, you can put on them as costume jewelry. The design is by our excellent designers.

About Us

     We, Early Bird, are a global company based in Bangkok, with 5 branch offices in Thailand and 3 branch offices and overseas subsidiaries. The businesses range from “Transportation”, “Forestry, wood processing, furniture manufacturing and sales”, “Jewelry manufacturing and sales”, “Liquids manufacturing and sales”, and “Essential oil manufacturing and sales”.

     In the “Transportation Business”, we are in charge of logistics of one of the top companies in Thailand, and continue to support our management base stably.

     ”Forestry” has a history of over 60 years. The Golden Teak plantation that is managed by the founder has been inherited from its family, and is the largest privately owned property in Thailand. We are now lumbering and processing into building materials such as flooring and design furniture, and we are expanding our business not only to the primary industry but also to the secondary industry.

     The history of “jewelry” is even older, and there are remnants of the former management of gem mines, and the family has been engaged in the jewelry industry for many years. The company designs high jewelry that is particularly rare, taking advantage of such an environment. We offer as a brand for celebrities.
     ”Production of alcoholic beverages” is conducted at distilleries and breweries in the Phrae district where our teakwood plantation is located. We produce “shochu” (Japanese white spirits) and rice wine ( fruits wine style) using the Highland’s rich water and carefully selected rice from Chiang Rai. We are continuing product development with the aim of being the leading Thai breweries brand.

     In the “Essential Oil Business”, we established a distillation plant in the granary near suburbs of Bangkok, and we consistently produce lemongrass as material, wash them and distillate, and produce completely pure essential oils mainly for overseas market.

      Through these businesses, we will transmit and offer the attractiveness of Thailand to the world.

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ラムイントラ通りとパホンヨーティン通りの交差点近く。現在延伸工事中のBTSグリーンラインとパープルラインの2路線を利用できる好立地です。PLUM CONDOはローカルの開発業者の中でも、上質な仕上がりに定評のある人気のコンドミニアムシリーズで、同プロジェクトはその象徴的な存在です。


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