Proud of Thailand!!!
We are proud to present the most unique rice wine you never found anywhere in the world. “Chilled Up” is our rice wine product that has authentic Thai flavor and aroma. With our passion to produce the best rice wine, we carefully and enthusiastically try every varieties of Thai rice. Finally, with our utmost effort, “Chilled Up”, the best rice wine was brought into the world.

Fill Up by Chilled Up
Message from President

Natural Sweetness & Rich Aroma

Our secret is not only lie on rice varieties but our own recipe yeast ball and water are also important parts to our success. Our yeast ball is 100% organic without any chemical substances and pesticides. With our herbs and organic substances, we gaurantee that our product is safe and hangover free.

Our water is the best in Thailand. We use mineral water from Lhom Dong, inactive volcano located in Phrae, Thailand. With the height over 300 m, the air and water is fresh and pure, the quality of our water is comparable to water from Scottish Highlands.

Our craft is inherited from liquor maker in Sa-iab community known as one of the best liquor maker in Thailand. More than 200 years of experience, the technique and secret are refined and pass down from generation to generation. With our secret recipe, high quality of water, and incomparable skill in rice wine making, we assure you the best rice wine in the world. Our rich in flavor and aroma will make you feel like you are in heaven.

Product of Thailand